Digital Strategy and Design

Businesses today are looking to build and deliver seamless digital experiences. While technology is the backbone for these experiences, companies need a clear strategy and vision to respond to evolving customer needs and market conditions.

This requires a robust digital strategy and design capability that leverages the latest technologies and cutting-edge frameworks to help you discover new business models and deliver enhanced customer value.

Digital Strategy and Design


We enable businesses to adopt well-informed digital transformation strategies across various organizational vectors- products & services, organizational maturity, business goals, competitive advantage across industry trends, etc.

Digital Business Maturity

Baseline the digital maturity of your organization across various dimensions of an enterprise.

Business Model Design

In the age of Everything-as-a-Service, design differentiated business models for new products/services or markets

Digital Business Strategy

Digitalize your business based on industry trends, competitive business benchmarking, stakeholder needs assessment etc.

Function & Process

We enhance the value and reduce the waste generated by an enterprise function or a business process by reengineering them with industry acumen, data, and stakeholder alignment. This spans the functions and processes across the value chain of any organization.

Digital Supply Chain

Analytics-driven assessment of Supply Chain vulnerabilities and digitalization opportunities for building business resilience.

Value Stream Management

Enable a product delivery organization with rightly aligned IT operating model for faster and continuous value delivery.

CX Maturity

Outside-in analysis of customer touchpoints, organizational processes and technology maturity to deliver a great customer experience.


We enable the technology function to be a key business enabler, envisioning the IT organization of tomorrow minimal tech debt, faster response to business needs, digital capability building, ROI-driven value function, etc.

Technology Function Assessment

Baseline the technology function maturity with internal and outside-in analysis, to define the vision, roadmap, and transformation/modernization ROI.

Value Stream Management

Enable a product delivery organization with rightly aligned IT operating model for faster and continuous value delivery.

Value Realization

Tenacious and dynamic execution of digital transformation strategy is required to realize the envisioned value. This is a very complex aspect of the transformation as it requires aligning the organization, anticipating challenges and workarounds in execution, and demonstrating incremental business value to the sponsors.
We enable value realization in the execution phase through proven frameworks and large transformation program management capabilities.

Organizational Change Management

Improve adoption of transformative ways of working across stakeholders.

Digital Value Realization

Enable continuous value creation with a CXO-aligned team that defines, measures, and manages the transformation.

Portfolio & Program Management

Support the execution of digital transformation programs across planning, implementation, and support.

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