Software & Hi-Tech

Building next-generation software products at warp speed with breakthrough operational efficiency.

Technology products and business models don’t stay current for long due to the rapid pace of innovation, accelerated development cycles, and disruptive business models. This has increased both the importance and complexity of managing innovation, engineering, and management.

With services across the entire product development spectrum, Persistent is the ideal engineering partner to co-innovate around new product development and as a transformation catalyst for existing products and businesses.

Product & Platform Strategy

Innovation frameworks coupled with agile and continuous methodologies that drive divergent thinking, and product visioning to rapidly build digital solutions that convert breakthrough ideas into real outcomes.

Product Sustenance & Support

Sustenance engineering and support services to rejuvenate legacy product lines with a focus on improving revenue, efficiency, and customer delight.

Product & Platform Engineering

Software development and engineering services cantered around microservices architecture, API-led connectivity, Design Thinking, Agile, and automation to build next-generation software products and digital solutions.

The technology industry drives business transformations in other sectors. Encompassing a range of businesses from semiconductor manufacturers and network technology companies to industrial electronics and software and professional services, this sector needs a high level of digital maturity and supply chain resilience.

Product Engineering

We design, create, scale pluggable, extensible, and scalable strategic digital product and platform solutions that power your breakthroughs.
Storage Engineering.
Platform Engineering.

Digital Operations

Deliver superior experiences, value, and growth by focusing on customers, your most important asset.
Next Gen Service Desk.
Customer Experience.

Softsys Corporation is focused on solving problems across product development, infrastructure transformation, enterprise IT, and digital marketing. Our key Cloud, Analytics, Platforms, and Engineering powered by over 7 years of experience in this segment and a collaborative ecosystem of start-ups, industry platforms, and technology alliances position us as a key player in the post-digital.