Application Development and Management

Application Development and Management next is a full stack of application development and maintenance services, supported by a suite of organizational tools. It focuses on your business imperatives – so you can reduce costs, improve efficiency, get your IT landscape fit for the future, and take advantage of all the new technology out there.

With Application Development and Management next, you’ll be able to deliver business value and ensure you are leading your industry – not just now, but in a way that lays the groundwork for a creative, game-changing future – for you, and for your customers.

Next-Generation Application Development and Management

Help manage diverse and complex applications at lower cost and enable rapid response to requests for new functionality and requirements. Softsys Corporation services can reduce the total cost of operations by up to 40% and defects by up to 40%.

Cloud Application Development

Softsys Corporation can help you rapidly deliver new customized software, solutions, and contextual experiences for the cloud at scale.

Application Management and Outsourcing

To drive business growth, applications must deliver value throughout their lifecycles. Our award-winning application management and outsourcing solution use real business metrics to help you identify short- and long-term innovation opportunities across applications, support services, and technologies.

Application Modernization

Continuously modernize your applications to support business agility. Softsys Corporation employs proprietary methodologies and tools to assess your application portfolio and identify the best approach for modernization.

Mobile Business App Development

Softsys Corporation develops robust mobile apps, while also delivering maintenance and security on a robust architecture.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing: Software innovation can help organizations drive growth and respond more swiftly to changing markets. Yet, developing solutions quickly can compromise quality.

Best Practices for Successful Application Development

1. Use an Experienced Partner
An application development partner can be an invaluable tool when it comes to creating and maintaining high-quality applications. For best results, select a partner who is experienced, communicative, and offers ongoing support.

2. Train Your Team
Your internal team needs to be well-versed in your applications to deliver the best results, so prioritize team training around new applications or existing application updates.

3. Document Your Strategy
Ensure all involved parties are on the same page about application development and maintenance strategies by documenting and distributing fully.

4. Test for UX
User experience is key to a successful application. Test from an end-user perspective to find and work out any possible kinks.

5. Remain Compliant
Keep up to date on applicable regulations, policies, and practices to keep your applications compliant and avoid penalties.

6. Prioritize Communication
Communication is vital, especially if you’re using an external application partner. Communicate frequently with all involved internal and external teams so you can work together as seamlessly as possible.

7. Be Adaptable & Flexible
Your applications should fit your current organizational structure, market, and finances, but be adaptable and flexible should these change.

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