Powering your digital transformation with a seamless flow of data and processes from engineering to manufacturing and beyond.

We deliver business value by tightly integrating legacy design and engineering, manufacturing, and operational systems with industry-leading processes, software, and analytics capabilities.

The result is an integrated technology stack that ensures a seamless flow of consistent, correct, and complete data from product design and engineering to manufacturing and beyond.

Digital Manufacturing Solutions

We enable manufacturers to respond to changes in market demand and capture new opportunities by getting the right product and configurations to the right location both on time and at the right level of quality.

Ushering in the Future of Manufacturing

Softsys Corporation deep knowledge of Mechanical and Electrical engineering, experience in sales and service processes, and hands-on exposure to the factory shop floor have helped us to build digital offerings in the core business domain.

Supply Chain Management

Vendor and Chronic supplier Management for complex supply chains across geographies

Inventory Management

Stock management is the process of managing the goods your business plans to sell. This involves acquiring, storing, organizing and tracking those goods.

Factory of Future

Our portfolio meets both business IT and operational technology requirements in a highly reliable and integrated platform

Advanced Analytics suit for Manufacturing

Advanced Analytics Suite for manufacturing is conceptualized around three themes: SIMPLIFY, OPTIMIZE and ACCELERATE.

Connected Aftermarket

Enables manufacturers to enhance the traditional aftersales areas such as maintenance, product repair and consumable replenishment.

New Product Development

Enabling Futuristic Product Development in Manufacturing.

Field Quality and Cost Control

A good framework bridges the critical gap between the identification of product failure, its diagnosis, and the resolution.

Discrete Service Offering

Expertise in Mechanical, Electronics, Mechatronics & software engineering capabilities.

Manufacturers are building truly global businesses not just in terms of customers. They need to find new ways to optimize product and operating costs, increase productivity and throughput, create collaborative, cognitive, and transparent supply chains, and gain a competitive advantage by providing a differentiated customer experience.